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Offroad Shirt Swag Club…

How The Club Works

Offroad Shirt & Swag Club is a Subscription T-Shirt Service. Become a member, and by the end of every month you will receive an authentic T-Shirt from the Race Team Store featuring a Racer, Company or Event Series.  Sign up to be a member of  Offroad Shirt and Swag Club.

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What Will I Get?
The catch is, you don’t know what shirt you are getting until you get your monthly package! But we know you will love it.  You need some mystery in your life!

Every month you will receive a top quality, brand new Shirt with an original design along with a little unique info on the Racer, Company or Event from which your new shirt originates. We will also max out the space in the box with random swag compliments of a Bower Media partner.

How Much Will It Cost?
Club membership is $25 per month.   That’s it!   35% Discount from Everyday!
FREE shipping within US.    Slightly higher Options for Canada and International Shipping.
There is no commitment. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time before the first of the month. We’re easy!

Other Payment Options? 
We are successful because of our options! If a monthly membership is not right for you, no problem.

Membership Options:
Monthly (12)
Bi-Monthly  (6)

Pre-Pay Options:
Monthly (12) – Includes 2 Free Shirts!  (6th and 12th month)
Bi-Monthly  (6) – Includes 1 Free Shirt! (6th shipment)

Out of US Options:
Canada Shipping Additional
International Shipping Additional

XXXXL Is Only available in the Bi-Monthly option since not all print XXXXL.  We will make sure you get your full subscription, and let you know when we can increase your subscription!

When Does my Credit Card Get Billed?   
Recurring payments are collected on the same day of the month. So, if you originally subscribe on the 13th of the month, you will always be billed on the 13th of the following months.  We use Chargify as a secure and easy processor.

Can I Pay with Cash, Check or PayPal?
Yes! Email with: Your Name, USPS Shipping Information, Phone Number, Size Shirt (S-XXXXL) and Shipping Option (Monthly, BiMonthly).
-> For Check or Cash –  We will contact you with a mailing address.
-> Paypal – We will email you a link that will create a recurring payment within Paypal.

Can I Give the Shirts & Swag Club as a Gift?
This is an ideal gift that just keeps on giving!  Make sure that you note the Recipients name and address in the shipping fields when ordering.  You can still choose the monthly payment or pre-pay.  We will work with you on a small Gift so you have something to give them…just make sure you give us time to ship it to you.  If you forget to put it in the notes when ordering…no stress…just email us:

How Will My Shirts Be Shipped?
Your shirts will be delivered by the Red-White-Blue truck to your mailbox each month via United States Postal Service.

Give me a timeline… When will my tees be shipped out?

Our New Member cutoff is the 10th of the month.  We ship your monthly tee by the end of each month unless we run into a delivery problem. If you have signed up before the 10th of the month, you will be getting your first shipment by the end of this month!  If it is after the 10th, then you will be getting your first shipment at the end of next month.  Don’t worry though, we won’t forget about you! I promise!


Through our billing portal, you will get an email when you first sign up that has a direct link to your account.  Be sure to keep this email somewhere with all your passwords…it is YOUR link.  Through this link you will be able to change your size, frequency, update your credit card and change your mailing address.  If you deleted this email, or can’t find it, don’t worry!  Email us at and we will send you the link, or simply update the information for you!   

* Please note, if you are changing any information between the 10th and 25th we will do everything we can to make the adjustment in this months shipment, but it may take effect on next months shipment.  If it is during this time frame and urgent, feel free to make the adjustment in your account and then call or email as well. Thank you for your understanding.

What happens to my subscription if I move?
You can take it with you! Login to your account and quickly adjust your shipping address.  We will only be able to change the address if it is in the same country (due to shipping costs). Make sure you notify us of your move just before you change addresses so you can continue to receive each month’s shirt. If you do not update your address in time and a shirt goes missing, we will not be able to replace it.

Where will my tees ship to and how do I change my shipping address?
We will use the shipping address you entered at checkout as the shipping address for each month of your membership. If you are giving the membership as a gift, make sure to put the recipients name and address in the shipping section. If you need to change your shipping address, please log in to your account and make the changes.

What about sizing? Can I change my size halfway through my subscription?
Yes, you can change your size! If you no longer fit in your tee … you can log in to your account and change your subscription plan to a different size!  Please note, if it is between the 10th and 25th of the month, the size change will take effect in the following months shipment.

What if I hate a Tshirt, can I Return it?
Sorry, no returns or refunds at the Race Shirts & Swag Club. Feel free to give them as a gift to a lucky someone!  However, If you are on the PrePaid Bi-Monthly (6) or Yearly Plan (12) you are allowed one (1) bye month where you can contact customer service and we will not bill you for the next months shirt.  Only one bye allowed per 12 month period. This is in place for the team, company etc that you may despise and not support for whatever your personal reason is.  Please do not take advantage of this opportunity, but use it as an option.  


ABOUT the Shirts & Swag

Other Types of Shirts?
Yes, it is totally possible that you may receive a Long Sleeve shirt or Sweatshirt during the Winter months, but don’t hold your breath…this is a T-Shirt Club.

How are the Race Shirts & Swag Club designs chosen?
The designs are picked though the Race Team Store stock and through valuable input from our subscribers.  We work hard to choose Designs and Shirts that are of top quality.

How Do I get my Team Shirt Sent out and Featured in the Club?
It’s easy actually.  Email your interest in becoming featured on the Race Team Store and in the Club.  Add some info about your team/company/event and she will send you back the information.  Let’s put it this way, it’s so simple we basically do all the work!

How do I get my Swag into the Boxes that are shipped out?
Super Simple!  Send it to us!  Email for an address and what you are planning on sending.  Prefer items that can be put into a flat envelope.

It’s all About Marketing…
We will promote your team/company/event on our website and as part of in-box fliers.  This page will have information about your team/company/event, schedule, pictures of the shirts, pictures of your car/building, etc etc.  Also, we will promote your shirt on our social networks. After we start promoting you, you are free to start bragging to everyone how you were a featured Race Shirts & Swag Clubmonthly pick!  People will still be able to order just one shirt from the Race Team Store.

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