50th Anniversary of the Crandon International Race.


Charlene Bower Crandon 2019Freaking Fantastic Friday!! A Parade, VIP Pit Tour, Racing, Kid Rock!!! and lot of Friends…

We started off the day downtown in preparation for the big parade. The population of Crandon is 1920, but not for this years 50th Anniversary celebration! Downtown was PACKED.
Marissa and Kat drove Frankie in the parade waving, honking, throwing candy and koozies.

When we got back to the track we went straight into our Ladies Offroad Network VIP Pit Tour experience.

  • Charlene Bower BFGWe started off at BFGoodrich Tires learning about grooving and got to see the inside of a semi while learning about how all the SCORE Baja500 and 1000 courses are built!
  • While there, Rob MacCachren and Amber were checking in too. They took a few minutes to talk about racing and the behind the scenes to racing.
  • We ended up in Rob Mac’s pit thereafter where he talked about suspension and the data gathering that they do, among many other interesting topics.
  • Our next pit stop was Scott Douglas’ where they were in the process of doing a motor swap! We stayed back out of the way, but he took a few minutes to explain what was going on and gave us some pro tips on how they are able to do it fast! We also got to see the Amsoil Cup that was on display.
  • Charlene Bower Rob MacCachrenDown the aisle a little ways was Greg Adler’s pit where he took time to chat about all the different types of racing he does…Pro4, Pro2 short course, Ultra4 and Desert Racing.
  • Then we wandered a little further to the Ultra4 area where they got to see the difference between a straight axle and a IFS car.

Then it was time for Kid Rock!! Ok, so I’m going to admit to being a full fan girl for this lol. Yes, I was “that girl” that I normally am not. We got right up to the front stage and had the best opportunity to see him ever! He is an incredible performer..he is excellent at his job!
Oh, did I mention that I was standing next to Rusty Wallace and his wife the whole concert… yea, so that happened too 🙂

charlene bower kid rock

Fantastic Friday!! Thankyou Crandon for another amazing day!!




Charlene Bower Crandon.2Super Saturday – Today marked another epic day at the 50th Anniversary of the Crandon International Race.

Our VIP Ladies Offroad Network group got to go where only a few can…to the downstairs Barn…where they had the opportunity to meet some amazing folks…

  •  Tina, who keeps everything going year-round at Crandon, hosted the group and started in the main office where the original Borg-Warner cup is on display. The new Redbull Cup was in there too (and remember we saw the Amsoil cup the day before in Scott’s pit)
  •  We walked into the board room where the pictures of all the past cup champions were on the wall, quite a few who we had talked to this weekend.
  • Charlene Bower Crandon.3 We headed into the main casual area where all the walls are filled with different important items. I even picked up more history in the lessons this year!
  •  We met Terry from Borg-Warner who explained how they started the cup. And Skip later joined the conversation.
  •  Marty Fiolka joined to talk to the ladies about how the marketing of an event like this takes place. He is the main guy here!
  •  Ryan Thomas was in the barn so I asked him to chat for a few about tires and desert racing.
  •  Troy Johnson from the Fab School was also down there and talked about the amazing program that he has – 15 years strong!
  •  Then upstairs we got to talk to Cameron Steele and Will before they started the LIVE Redbull coverage.
  • charlene bower crandon.4I got to introduce them to Faith who just finished shooting a show in Canada for kids about offroading.
  •  Later in the evening they got to meet Loren Healey after his wild crash. We had a good chat about IFS cars while they worked on it.
  •  A pit over, they got to meet Stan from Branik who has a straight Axle car so they could see the difference. He also talked about the items they make for the racing group.

…….oh yea, and there was racing too……

Awesome racing! The day closed out with the Ultra4 race that went back through the rocks. I got nominated to watch the trophies…that was fun!

…and the evening entertainment is never a bore around here either. A great band and a lot of parties were happening….

Yes, it was a SUPER Saturday!!


Charlene Bower Crandon.5Sensational Sunday – could it really get better than the previous days at the 50th Crandon International Off-Road Raceway event….um, maybe!!

We kicked off our day with coffee and tea for all the ladies in the campground. So much fun getting to meet people and hear their story! Special Thanks to the Ladies of Polaris for coming up to visit!

We walked our way into the pits where we stopped in to check on all the Ultra4 repairs. Everyone was ready to race except Scooby who pulled chunks of metal out of his transmission the night before…

We made our way to the BFGoodrich Tires truck where they were in full work mode getting tires grooved for the days racing. Kind of jokingly (but clearly not) they told Kat and Marissa there were a lot of tires to be changed and they should get started…next thing we know, they are changing tires!!! It was awesome. They even got to mount up the winning beadlock!!

Charlene Bower RJ AndersonNext we went on the track on the tractor ride. We aren’t talking a slow ride, this is a full smiling, fast, jumping, entertaining ride!! So cool getting to see the crowd from the track perspective!

Today was all about the racing. We watched different races from multiple different angles on the track. The racing was big money and full battles…no lack of entertainment for sure! Congratulations to all the winners including RJ who was added into the history books!

On the way back through the pits they got to meet Corey Weller, a podium UTV Winner this weekend. Remember the UTV that landed on the other one and got stuck? Yes, Corey was the one who got landed on!

We had to say goodbye to Marissa who left with her mom and aunt. She will be heading home from this tour, but will be back with me in a couple weeks again.

Charlene Bower Crandon.6So it was just Kat and I on the last night adventure that included going to the barn for a lot of dancing, great music, core friends and new friends. As with every evening in Crandon, we found the chaos and watched it from a distance. So fun!

Wow! None of us can really decide what part of the weekend was our favorite. Every piece was epic!! What would you want to do? ♡♡

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Charlene Bower BeavOh Monday – Every great weekend must come to an end, and so did our Crandon 50th Anniversary celebration. What an amazing weekend, from every angle. THANKYOU to all that made it awesome! ♡♡

We waited until midday to let the traffic die down (um, we are in WI btw, there was no traffic other than a couple tractors lol)

Once we made it to our next stop it was time for a regroup before kicking off the tour again in MN. Meal prepping, laundry, email catchup and a run in the dirt all make for a great day.

You know you can participate in these VIP events!?! Yes, members keep your ears peeled for more coming up!


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