I’m Not Just a Girl

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I’m Not…Are You?

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I’m Not Just A Girl

I’m not…what can I say…and I bet neither are you if you are reading this. We have a passion and we love to express it!

Sometimes I think of it on the more extreme level. I’m Not Just A Girl…I can do what the boys can do too. I Drive, I Ride, I

Surf, I Ski, I Fly…

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And then there is the more sensitive side. Everyday we are faced with challenges in our life and the biggest accomplishments deserve the biggest celebrations. So tell everyone that I’m Not Just A Girl…I’m a Survivor, I’m a Mom, I’m a Grandma, I’m a Racers Wife…

Because I’m Not Just A Girl…I want everyone to succeed and have gathered a group of products together that satisfy a range

of people. Everyone has different tastes. Everyone is a different

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size. Everyone has a style. Everyone wants something a little different than their neighbor. We want you to have options and have plenty of choices at every click.

We pride ourselves on being comfortable. Comfortable to wear. Comfortable to talk to. Comfortable to talk about. With sizes up to 4X in ladies and 6X in mens everyone is welcome into our world!


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So How did I’m Not Just A Girl get it’s name?

The story…well, it gets a little complicated. But if you are still reading then you must really be interested… I was at one of my favorite races, the King of the Hammers in February with my media firm which takes pictures and video and having a great time. While I was there, racers and supporters were interested in running my media firm stickers and wearing shirts to represent. Well, with many reasons why, I don’t want to brand

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that company in that manner. So I knew I had to figure something out that I could.

I was also faced with the challenges of the economy, but in a different way than you may think. The economy was there for the services, but the increasing travel budget made it unreasonable for me to stay on the road to persue properly. And so I left 10 days in the desert with no answers, but yet another hurdle to overcome.

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Three days later I jumped onto a plane to go to Indianapolis for the Powersports Dealer Expo. At my layover in Denver, I did what every girl would do and wandered into the jewelry store to

see what they had on display. Got it!! I will make and sell jewelry!



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