Jessi Combs Memoriam

Charlene Bower Jessi CombsYou did it girl! You made an impact!!!! You gave selfishly, you fought the hard days and you came out on top. Why in the world it takes until a life ends for people to recognize that, I don’t understand. Or maybe it was recognized, but like always, we are our worst critic. As I constantly told you: I am so damn proud of you!!!

Thankyou for being my friend. Our list of adventures over the last 10+ years is so long, so many memories, so many pictures! We both had our favorite moments, our ridiculous ones, and our not so favorites we still laughed about. We challenged each other. We told each other our goals we were shooting for. We laughed and cried (yes, we both do cry, shhhh). We did dumb shit…and somehow got away with it…I mean ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ We stood up tall, smiled…and then giggled about it later.

Our last conversation at the SEMA Banquet last month was too short but fun. We both had a gleam in our eyes. We both had something we had just accomplished on our struggle list that we got to share. I was so happy for you, and you ohhhed and giggled at mine.

Your spirit was unstoppable. When you wanted something, you did it. But you only did it if it was smart. I know you were frustrated some days because you didn’t get what you wanted, but instead were delivered what you needed. You took it and made it into gold. You wanted the gold. You are gold.
Jessi Combs CNN

I was among the early to find out about your passing and went into PR mode to make sure to understand whatever happened was reported correctly. Then I went into shock, shit, is this really true? Somehow we got through the drive to Chicago safely (thanks for helping me avoid the tire in the road!), stopped for a protein lunch, scrolled FB, cried in a restaurant and then went to my class. You know exactly what I did before I started that class…what we always did before attacking a hard moment…and it worked…I did it and I delivered it well.

Call me weird, but all I could think about while I was driving was how you entered into Heaven. A little tentative for the first 30, um…ok, 10 seconds as you looked around at your new home and then you started working the room hugging and smiling at all the people that you know who were waiting to see you. Your energy was huge. Everyone happy to see you. There was no crying, no regrets, no negativity just the glow of light of the adventure spirit that you are. I’m sure you have already figured out how they distribute fairy dust and are working your way up to that status! ♡

Thankyou!! I appreciate you for what you have done for all women through being you, with your brand Real Deal and always supporting Ladies Offroad Network. You made time to be part of our groups and it mattered to so many ladies – the number of pictures posted of you has been awesome. I am sad more ladies won’t be able to personally feel your presence, but you won’t leave the circle…sorry, your work isn’t done yet!

As your legacy forms a future I will keep watch to make sure the Real Deal stays true to the Real You. Girl, you fully kicked ass!! Love ya!! I’m so damn proud of you!! -c

‐—–‐> THANKYOU to all that reached out to me and included me in your thoughts. It took me a long time to be able to put anything into words…and when I did, this was the ‘Real Deal’. Hugs to everyone that has been impacted by this amazing woman Jessi Combs. Remember ……. LIVE LIFE!!!

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