Moving Forward in Relationships

charlene-bower-2019-1A year ago my world got flipped upside down, unannounced to me. I came home from Tour excited to buckle back in for the holidays, instead I was greeted with a different plan ending a 6+ year relationship….

I am a different person today. A better person. I am sitting in the captain’s chair with my eyes focused on the road ahead and have a lot more self love.

I have learned a lot in the last year:

– Depression is real. You can’t control it. You can’t turn it off. You have to manage it.

– Anger is real. I am a non-violent person but there was a piece of information that flipped that switch…whew…luckily I had friends able to talk me down…

– The Hallmark channel is much better to watch than Lifetime in such situations. Lol

– There were way more amazing times and experiences than bad. Focusing on only the bad is not going to solve anything.

– Breakup diets are legit! Heck yea!

– When someone doesn’t respect you, you owe them NOTHING. Not a word, not a breath, nothing. [I even impressed myself with how good I was at eliminating contact with someone in our circle who crossed a boundary]

– I can turn any house into a home.♡

charlene-bower-2019-1– I am a good cook. I just got told that I wasn’t and slid into a (better for me) routine having him cook. 🙂

– The amount of care and support you deliver doesn’t matter if the other person isn’t available to receive it.

– Animals talk. Listen. They have been so happy in their new life. What a difference. I felt guilty about a mess until I realized that it happened purely because of his actions.

– You can reach out to people and if nothing comes back you have to learn to let it go. If my care towards them doesn’t matter, then I don’t matter.

– I shouldn’t make travel plans while in a “who cares – no one to stay home for” mode – this years schedule has been a little aggressive lol

– Real friends will be with you always. Conditional friends will disappear when you stand up for yourself and conditions change.

– I don’t miss the daily effect of alcohol in my world.

– Music can be good until that song plays…

– You can’t take someone who doesn’t have an adventure spirit and expect them to understand or participate. All they will do is continually judge you which will lead to resentment and anger.

– Acupuncture is amazing. Reiki is legit. My Angel’s are making sure I keep focused on my goals.

– I found Mountain Biking to be my outlet and love it!

– When you want something you can have it. I’ve dreamed of a Diesel Pusher on the road…now I have one and am DOING IT! Fate, I think so. (Ok, and hustle)

– I have some amazing support in my world!! You know who you are and I appreciate you!! ♡♡

– I can love again. I can let my walls down. …and I can hurt again. That test worked.

– Whoever breaks through my walls and wants to ☆Live Life to the Fullest☆ will be one lucky guy 🙂

– God is Good.

– Everything Happens for a Reason 🙂

– I love my life!!

– I am OK.

THANKYOU to my inner circle that “dealt with me” through this process. It was a rough one. I appreciate you in every way possible!!! ♡♡♡♡

THANKYOU to everyone that didn’t know what was going on, but had some patience as we continued to build Ladies Offroad Network, but at a little slower pace this year… I had to take care of myself first, so I could continue to give to you. ♡♡♡♡

I Got This!!


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