Rod Halls Memoriam

Charlene Bower Rod HallI feel guilty, but I can’t. I couldn’t be at Rod’s memorial this weekend because of my tour, but I know he is watching me work, shaking his head while whispering “keep going”…

I was the lucky one to have someone as important and famous as Rod Hall Racing pay any attention to me. The first time I met him I was the new kid on the block in the 4WD arena but had a job to do for Pirate4x4 at the 2009 Baja 1000. (That’s a whole other story for a whole other day!) I probably pondered nearby for a minute as I went up to ask for an interview- thankfully he said “yes, of course”. I fumbled a little, but I made it through. His ending is just one of the many one-liners I would come to love – “at my age you can never pass up an opportunity to be famous” (watch: )

It wasn’t long after when I was asked to do PR work for Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. Rod was the heart and sole to the Hall of Fame and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in its growth from an early stage then watch him navigate it into something much bigger.

I would have the opportunity to continue to see Rod at events and we would both take a few minutes to chat. I would hear what new project he was working on. And vise versa, he was always interested in my endeavors and would compliment me, while shaking his head and waiving his finger: “You keep it up, Charlene. You are the hardest working women in the Offroad industry!” At least I took that as a compliment… 🙂

I was honored to be among the select group invited to his birthday party during the 50th Anniversary of the SCORE Baja 1000. Not only was that a huge celebration, but we also had the opportunity to be at the finish line when he crossed for the 50th time!!!!!! Wow!!!!! I forget the official time, but it was somewhere in the 2am range. Megan and  I wandered to the finish line in La Paz to see if there was any action…and to my delight the most historic finish happened only minutes later!

When I started Bower Power Hour he graced me with his stories. So many that it was one of our longest episodes…and that was OK! He told me he didn’t do interviews like that anymore, but would do what he could to help me. I was always humbly grateful.

I’m upset that I missed the first showing of what I can only assume is an amazing documentary by Amy Lerner on Rod’s life. I cannot wait for the next opportunity. ♡

Thankyou for all your support Rod. Such a strong man. Such a hero. Such a caring human. Such a strong spirit. You are an amazing man and a legend I was lucky enough to call a friend. Hugs to all who felt the same. ♡♡

“Remember, you must first finish to win” -Rod Hall

What was your favorite Rod Hall one-liner…..??


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